Interdisciplinary Endorsement

  • “I’ve known Durrell Bowman for well over a decade, and worked with him at a very high academic level while he was at UCLA. His research skills are top-notch, and his ability to communicate in prose and in person are excellent. He has written several books on popular music for diverse audiences, working largely on his own as an independent scholar, thus showing his ability to plan and execute large, complex projects and organization skills far above the average. His technical abilities are outstanding: he was doing computer-assisted research and presentation of data long before it was routine in his chosen humanities field. Following his development since the PhD, I have seen him gain information science skills and persevere in a post-graduate environment that has been uniquely difficult. Durrell is a determined, self-motivated achiever; if he signs on to your project, he will bring to it a strength of character and a very broad set of informational and organizational skills, and it WILL get done.” (Robert Fink, UCLA)