After “finding” and posting a copy of the album cover, I managed to “track down” the opening song and first single, “My Pal in (d)Rome,” from the album A Defining Characteristic of Intelligence (1974) by the Canadian-British progressive rock band Kalsubai. The music is heavily influenced by King Crimson, Genesis, and early world music “fusions,” and it thus provides a sort of cross between “psychedelic progressive” jazz-rock (perhaps also a little bit along the lines of the Mahavishnu Orchestra) and what would later be called “new age” music” (but along the relatively “rock”-oriented lines of Mike Oldfield). “My Pal in (d)Rome” is mainly noted for having reached #41 in the US “Top 40,” although it also reached #34 in the UK’s “Top 30” and #21 in Canada’s “Top 20.” Magically, the song includes approximations of all of the instruments mentioned on Facebook by people who “remember” this album: Shakuhachi flute, clarinet, Mellotron, harmonica, and a Hammond organ “solo,” in addition to drums and percussion, jazzy guitar-chord comping, fretless bass, and weirdly-echoed, semi-pompous (!) lyrics and vocals. See https://durrellbowman.com/rock.php.

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