Susan Boyle

I barely follow the “Idol”-type shows, because I find nearly all of the music to be complete and utter rehashes of existing things. On the other hand, practically everything about those shows is already predetermined or, at least, media-fabricated. Thus, in such a context, isn’t it at least slightly OK that a relatively “normal”-looking, middle-aged woman (Scotland’s Susan Boyle) was even allowed to appear, as opposed to exclusively “well-above-average-looking” 19ish-year-old “girls” and “boys”? You can’t even audition for most of the “Idol” shows if you’re over something like 27, but I suppose the producers and judges of this particular show were just “covering their middle-aged asses” (in a sad, politically-correct kind of way) by letting her through to that point. I never expected such producers to have any reasonable amount of artistic or social integrity in the first place, so why should this particular “stunt” offend me? Besides, if the general public is looking for “gifted musicians” on such shows, they deserve exactly what they usually get. Everyone who deserves better than that should instead watch the excellent 2006 documentary “Before the Music Dies.” See

1 thought on “Susan Boyle

  1. Hi Durrell,I am conflicted by this Susan Boyle thing. First, I am happy that someone from Non-demographic Land is able to exercise a personal dream regardless of the vacuity of the venue, event or the organizers. And that is part of the power of her story – to do something and be acclaimed. There is purity (bear with me) to the narrative that is presented to spectacular effect. And therein lies the problem: the spectacle was less what Susan Boyle did (though song selection was brilliant) and more Susan Boyle herself. The “look at her” aspect reminiscent of a zoo or circus is unsettling.

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