The Grammy Awards

I really want to like what Dave Grohl said last night at the 2012 Grammy Awards. However, I have to say that just because some people use Auto-Tune, etc. fairly cheesily doesn’t mean that other people don’t use technology in MUCH more interesting ways than what white, male rock bands (even Grammy-winning ones) supposedly do with their hearts and heads.

Anything I’ve heard by Foo Fighters is frankly not any better or worse than other mainstream, post-grunge hard rock music–such as by Nickelback (who, at least, weren’t once the drummer of Nirvana). I’m sure that this sentiment is going to surprise people who think I sit around all day listening to Rush, but I’d much rather listen to almost anything by Laurie Anderson than almost anything by Foo Fighters. The Grammys are meaningless.

P.S. As for Adele (what I’ve heard anyhow, especially her distinctive voice), I actually like her. Apparently, so does Dave Grohl, although I suspect he may have just been sucking up in order to “play nice” among his likely, fellow award-winners.

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