Self-hosted WordPress vs. hosted

I had some trouble getting self-hosted WordPress working as an add-on to my server account, but it’s now working properly.  I briefly thought about using a hosted account, but it would have cost a bit of money to have my URL over there, would have temporarily messed up my email, would have had some ads showing up, wouldn’t have allowed me to add any plugins, and wouldn’t have allowed me to alter any underlying code.

I’ve already done both of the latter two things, to extend what my site will be able to do, such as add a media-player and podcasting capabilities, automatically share my postings on Facebook/etc. and also let other people share specific things, add categories to media so I can add them directly to custom menus, and alter the media-type filter code to account for PDF, Word, Excel, etc., so it doesn’t only know about images, audio, and video.

So far so good!

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