Hi There!

I’m on my way. I’m making it.

This will probably take me at least a couple of days, but I’m transitioning my website and blog over to a combined “thing” done with WordPress.  It’s pretty tough to get multi-site modern CMS websites using competing technology working on the same server account, but I think I finally have separate Omeka (OurMus.Net) and WordPress (this one) sites playing nice.

I’ve selected this F2 theme and imported my earlier blog postings (from Google’s Blogger).  Now, I just have to move all of my old website’s content here, and that’s a lot of stuff and will take a while to organize in this new space!  I probably should have done this in 2009-10, but, unfortunately, at the time I had to get used to XHTML and CSS.

2 thoughts on “Hi There!

  1. Congratulations! I’ll be interested to see how this goes, because I may be wanting to do a simpler version of a similar transition within the next couple of months. I’m putting this blog in my RSS feed.

  2. Actually, I’m now using a theme called Skirmish. I had to tweak the CSS a fair bit, but I’m happier with it than I was with F2, and I also found this nice, tile-able parchment background image to use with it. Before switching the theme today, a couple of days ago I moved my content over here to the new website (from my old XHTML site, which I had initially done with Dreamweaver).

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