Experiencing Rush: A Listener’s Companion

My chapter outlines for Experiencing Rush: A Listener’s Companion are going very well.  For my proposal (I have two weeks left to complete it), the folks at Scarecrow Press really only want one paragraph per chapter.  I can easily focus on what I want to cover, because I know the topic extremely well.

The book and the proposal both need to be in short, accessible sentences and without any kind of technical or academic jargon.  The trick will be to translate some of my more powerful song-discussion ideas from my UCLA musicology dissertation into “normal” language.

Another part of the proposal involves a writing sample of a page or two about a specific piece of music.   I need to sneak selected lyrics directly into my prose sentences, otherwise permissions would be a nightmare.   However, I might opt to include a short table that summarizes the main aspects of the structure and textures of whichever song I choose.

I should be able to write the entire book very quickly.  I need to, because I have other things to do, and I’ve mostly moved on from this topic anyhow.

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