Website Downsizing?

I’m not sure if moving from self-hosted WordPress (which costs money for hosting) to (which is somewhat more limiting, but free) is “downsizing,” exactly. However, I’m now most of the way there. The URL will be until my web-hosting account expires, by which point I will have reassigned to come here. This is also a test to see if this post gets to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and/or LinkedIn.

4 thoughts on “Website Downsizing?

    • I have issues with Self-hosted WordPress is very powerful: installable and configurable plugins, no issues with uploading audio or embedding video, a much larger number of free themes, easy access to CSS, access via FTP to the code and the database, and dozens of other things for no cost, except for the hosting. The “free” version (.com) makes you pay to upload mp3s and videos, for a lot more of its theme options, to do CSS, and so on. At that point, you may well have spent as much as you would have on self-hosting. On the other hand, you don’t have to install and constantly update the system (especially the plugins), deal with backups, and so on, either.

      I’m not sure about Google+ yet. I find it more confusing to use than other things that most people I know already use.

      • Ah yes, I haven’t dealt with video or audio, so didn’t know about those limitations.

        I’ve found Google+ to be wonderful, but I will say that 1. pretty much everyone I know who likes it is a photographer or other sort of visual artist, so there’s quite a community that has developed there for that, 2. it’s a matter of what you enjoy and feel like putting time into. Myself, I’ve tried Twitter a number of times and find it confusing and boring, whereas a lot of people I know love it. Fortunately, we can pick and choose!

      • I don’t actually “use” Twitter, except inasmuch as I have things I post on my website sent to my account on there. I think I’m going to transition to writing most of even my more blog-like things on my website (I had been using Facebook for that), and then people can see the teasers on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and click to read the full items (if they want to) on my website.

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