my summer work term

I needed a summer work term to complete my computer programming studies, and all I had in Kitchener-Waterloo (Ontario) was one interview at Research In Motion (i.e., the Blackberry) that didn’t lead to anything. However, a suitable position showed up on the e-mail list of the American Musicological Society. It’s a paid internship that’s 50% writing programme notes and doing web versions of those notes (incl. links, images, media, etc.) for the Bowdoin International Music Festival (which is mostly Romantic era chamber music) and 50% working on web/database programming for the AMS. So, it’s a highly weird combination of musicology and computers.

Bowdoin College is in Brunswick, Maine (25 minutes north of Portland, a.k.a. a little over two hours north of Boston), and the BIMF and AMS both have their offices on its campus. I do two weeks of work from here (Kitchener) starting next week, then I’m there for nine weeks (June 14 to August 13). The pay is OK, they’re also putting me up for free at a quite nice residence hall on the campus, they paid my visa and health insurance costs and gave me gas money to get there and back, and I also get two free tickets for every festival concert.

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