Khan Academy vs. OurMus.Net growth timelines

For Salman Khan (of Khan Academy) to expand his project from his cousin Nadia (2004) to:

  1. dozens of users (2005)
  2. hundreds of users (2006)
  3. thousands of users (2007)
  4. tens of thousands of users (2008)
  5. hundreds of thousands of users, quitting his job as a hedge-fund manager, getting $110,000 (from the interested spouse of a venture capitalist), an actual office, and a handful of employees (i.e., other than himself) (2009)
  6. millions of users and getting multiple millions of dollars (from the Gates Foundation, Google, etc.) (2010)

took:  1. one, 2. two, 3. three, 4. four, 5. five, 6. six years.

By comparison, from my initial handful of business training sessions in September 2012 to the point of making my vaguely similar OurMus.Net a reasonable success (i.e., also on my own), I have:  six MONTHS!

Hi There!

I’m on my way. I’m making it.

This will probably take me at least a couple of days, but I’m transitioning my website and blog over to a combined “thing” done with WordPress.  It’s pretty tough to get multi-site modern CMS websites using competing technology working on the same server account, but I think I finally have separate Omeka (OurMus.Net) and WordPress (this one) sites playing nice.

I’ve selected this F2 theme and imported my earlier blog postings (from Google’s Blogger).  Now, I just have to move all of my old website’s content here, and that’s a lot of stuff and will take a while to organize in this new space!  I probably should have done this in 2009-10, but, unfortunately, at the time I had to get used to XHTML and CSS.