my two books in preparation

I heard on July 15th that “Rush and Philosophy” (which I’m co-editing and contributing towards) is going ahead in the Popular Culture and Philosophy series of Open Court Publishing. Now, I just have to figure out how to have it not take up too much of my time between September and April, especially given that my Simpsons’ music book for Oxford UP is also likely to be approved shortly. Could someone not have given me these book deals well BEFORE I was about to abandon musicology?

Rush book

In March, I heard from an upstate New York teacher (Jim Berti) who is interested in putting together a book called Rush and Philosophy in the ongoing series that began with Seinfeld and Philosophy. After some discussions by email, I agreed to co-edit (and contribute to) this book, contacted a number of likely contributors, and proposed that abstracts be submitted by the end of May. For my own contributions, I will use elements from my dissertation, an article on Canadianness I had recently submitted to an academic journal, and my “Rush Tributes” article that may still be published elsewhere. Hopefully, we would be able to get this published in 2010. I still also hope to publish my own book on Rush (i.e., more closely related to my dissertation), possibly in 2011.