Academic Writing

Should I do a lot of work over the next two weeks revising a substantial article that has provisionally been accepted for an academic journal? It pays nothing, and I am not in an academic position, where this type of work would be expected to be done. The revisions would probably take at least twenty hours to complete.

I already have a different-but-related, unpaid book chapter coming out later this year in a somewhat less academic context. Both items are about aspects of music and parody in “The Simpsons.”


“EMC” music articles

My Encyclopedia of Music in Canada articles from June and July of 2009:

  • Film Scores
  • EMI Music Canada (formerly Capitol Records – EMI of Canada)
  • Sony BMG (formerly BMG) Music Canada
  • Warner Music Canada
  • Universal Music Canada
  • CBC Recordings
  • Music Industries
  • Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Manitoba Chamber Orchestra
  • Ken Whiteley
  • Country Music
  • Jim Cuddy
  • Michael Buble

“EMC” articles

My Encyclopedia of Music in Canada articles from March, April and May 2009:

  • Peter Oundjian
  • Choral Singing
  • Ensemble Anonymous
  • Arion Male Voice Choir
  • Winnipeg Philharmonic Choir
  • Bluegrass
  • Rap
  • Cantatas
  • Canadian Electronic Ensemble
  • Blues
  • Heavy Metal
  • The Internet and Music

(Yes, that IS all over the map!)

For my existing EMC articles, do a search on my name at: